If leaks are not detected and fixed immediately, they go ahead and course severe damage to our home, office or businesses. Whether it is a water leak, gas leak, sewer leak or any other leak you will need the knowledge and expertise of a professional plumber to fix the problem immediately before it becomes worse.

Leaking water can erode and decay your walls, ceilings, floors and also the foundation. It also courses rust, mold, ants, termites and the damage is unbearable. Therefore if you notice a weird water pressure decrease and a water bill increase, then there could be a leak in your plumbing system.

At King Plumbing Manhattan Beach, we are professional plumbing experts and we provide leak detection and repair services to residents and businesses. We are a fully licensed and insured plumbing company and our repair technicians are highly trained and experienced.

We can locate the leak fast and recommend the best repair options and just like that the leak problem is eliminated. If you are in need of any leak detection and repair services, go ahead and give us a call and we will respond promptly.

Need help with leak detection & repair?

Choose us today, we can detect even the smallest or hidden leaks you were not aware of

At King Plumbing Manhattan Beach, we incorporate the latest technologies in leak detection services, we use digital electronic leak detection services and we are able to see even the most notorious leak in your plumbing system. We will pinpoint the exact leaks in your underground sewer line, gas leak, slab leaks, water leaks, and many others. Through this technology, the good news is that we are able to find the leak points in the plumbing system without being destructive to your premises. Additionally, this makes our work more easy and efficient.

Our services are fast, reliable and affordable

Plumbing Manhattan Beach, we believe leak problems with our plumbing systems should be fixed within the shortest time possible to prevent the damage from becoming worse. For that matter, we never keep our customers waiting, we are always readily available and fully equipped. We will immediately get started to detect and fix the leak problem as soon as we arrive without much wastage of time. Our leak detection services are also cost-effective, we have no hidden or extra charges. We also provide our clients with free cost estimates.


Some of the common leaks in our homes or businesses

When we experience leak problems in our homes, offices or business, we tend to wonder can this be fixed. How can it be fixed? Who can help me fix it? But the good news is that at King Plumbing Manhattan Beach, no leak problem is too small or too big for us to fix. Some of the common leaks we handle includes;

Water/ slab leaks detection and repair services

If you notice a sudden water bill increase this could be an indication of a water/slab leak. We use electronic leak detection to find the source of the leak. Our goal to pin-point the exact leaking point without unnecessary destruction and thereafter have it fixed immediately.


Gas leak detection and repair services

In case you notice a smell of natural gas or that of a rotten egg from your gas piping, there could be a gas leak in your system. You, therefore, need to turn off the gas and contact a plumbing expert. At King Plumbing Manhattan Beach, we have many years’ experience in detecting and fixing gas leaks. Whenever you find yourself in such a need don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our plumber technician will respond immediately and have the gas system thoroughly examined and the underlying leak problem fixed for once.

Sewer/ drain leak detection and repair services

Whenever you start noticing a slow drain, gurgling toilet and also a bad smells, those are the common signs of a leaking sewer/drains. A leaking sewer/ drains is mostly coursed by sewer blockages or breaks. Sewer/drain leaks can be hazardous to our health and needs immediate attention of a professional plumber. At King Plumbing Manhattan Beach, we do a precision location of the leaks using sewer camera inspection then we get the sewer lines repaired immediately.

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